• The billing is not based on the minutes treated, but on a fee regulation.
  • For osteopathic treatment, we usually plan 45 minutes at the beginning. This time is necessary to examine your body in detail without stress and to treat it holistically.

We bill your treatment individually according to the schedule of fees, form of treatment and complaint.

Private health insurance/additional insurance:

  • Billing is made according to the Fee Ordinance of the Alternative Practitioners (GebüH).
  • The settlement items are attached to the eligible aid rates.
  • Thus, the costs are usually R. 100% taken over (private patients/ assisted patients).
  • For patients with supplementary insurance (medical practitioner reimbursement), the costs are largely covered depending on the contract.

Statutory health insurance companies:

Yes, some of our practitioners have specialised in the osteopathic treatment of newborns, infants and toddlers.

Please remember to bring your baby’s examination booklet “U-booklet” with you.

In our opinion, health is based on the following 5 supporting pillars:

  • an intact body
  • an intact soul
  • a balanced diet
  • sufficient movement
  • sufficient regeneration (breaks, vacation, sleeping contingent)

You can work on each of these aspects! We are happy to help you with this!
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As with any form of therapy, undesirable side effects and risks can never be completely excluded. American chiropractic is usually a very gentle therapy. Here, there is no “cracking” in the foreground, but a pleasant repositioning of the joint in order to eliminate the previous complaints as much as possible. That’s why I attach great importance to “safe” working on the patient in my practice!

Many years of study, further training and many years of practical experience form the basis for professional and high-quality treatment.

The basis of each treatment is a detailed medical history and examination. The subsequent techniques are carried out as gently as possible with the necessary care.

No, usually the therapy is not painful. The goal is always a procedure that is as gentle as possible. After the therapy, however, a kind of “muscle soreness” can occur in the short term.

In the initial interview (anamnesis) and the following examination, special contraindications are excluded. Apart from these contraindications, there is no age restriction. The techniques can be used – adapted accordingly – from infancy to old age.

By using gentle techniques, there is practically no danger to the mother and the undrilled child. On the contrary – the reduction of possible disorders and pain can be useful.