We practise the therapies offered on our website in our capacity as alternative practitioners.

There is often a lack of knowledge or reservations regarding the medical expertise of an alternative practitioner.

The legal basis for the professional practice of alternative practitioners is regulated in the Heilpraktikergesetz. The training period at an alternative practitioner school is usually between 2 and 4 years – depending on previous knowledge – and mainly covers conventional medical knowledge (anatomy, physiology, pathology).

The alternative practitioner is examined by the responsible medical officer both in terms of conventional medical knowledge and practical skills. After successfully passing the examinations and obtaining the “Heilpraktiker licence”, further training and qualifications are a matter of course.

While conventional medicine often concentrates on combating the symptoms of an illness, naturopathy takes a different approach. The focus is on finding the causes of a disease and taking a holistic view and treatment. In order to achieve an optimal treatment outcome for the patient, interdisciplinary cooperation with the individual medical specialities naturally plays an important role.