After many years of intensive study, the successful attendance of numerous training seminars and the daily work on the patient, targeted and patient-oriented work is particularly important to us.

For those who only have a hammer available as a tool, every problem will look like a nail. (Paul Watzlawick)

In modern medicine and naturopathy, the task of a therapist is in particular to accompany a patient and promote his self-healing powers towards his recovery, as far as possible. In the daily osteopathic and chiropractic work, one occasionally reaches limits, as most diseases arise and are influenced, especially from the point of view of these complementary medical disciplines, not only by one but by several of the following three levels:

  • physical level (e.g. spine, organs, muscles, connective tissue, fascia, …)
  • psycho-emotional level (e.g. conflicts, fears, burnout, …)
  • chemical level (e.g. diet, lifestyle habits, …)

This is also the principle of evidence-based medicine, commonly called conventional medicine, and naturopathy in general.

In our opinion, health is based on 5 supporting pillars:

  • an intact body
  • an intact soul
  • a balanced diet
  • sufficient movement
  • sufficient regeneration (breaks, vacation, sleep contingent)

Each of these aspects can be worked on. We are happy to help you with this! In addition, we are happy to recommend trustworthy partners who can accompany you through additional perspectives and techniques.

By combining the complementary medicine proven therapy concepts of classical osteopathy, American chiropractic and fascia therapy, we believe, the best of three concepts is combined. Not the individual symptoms, but the holistic view of the patient and his complaints are in the foreground.